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The map with the hemispheres with the space backdrop depicts surface formations (mountains, mountain ranges, tablelands, highlands, basins and banks), glaciers, the extent of ice cover in Antarctica and the Arctic in summer, desert and marshlands, the deepest points in the world’s oceans, countries and their capitals and larger towns and cities. There are separate maps for Antarctica and the Arctic. The map is marked with the International Date Line.

Names of states, capital cities and geographical names are given in English, other place names are given in the original spelling if possible, or romanized according to internationally accepted systems.

Map of hemispheres is using Lambert azimuthal equalarea projection with standard meridians 110°W and 70°E. Maps of polar regions are using azimuthal equidistant projection.
In English.

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ISBN 9789949465668; 9789949465675; 9789949465705; 9789949465712

Hemispheres, physical, in space

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