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Geographisk Charta öfwer Provincien Ösell, med dhe där intill Gränzande Orter

Author: Johann Philip Jaques. Map was ordered by the Governor of Saaremaa Engelbrecht Mannerburg (1649 - 1719) in 1704. The map is an updated version of an older map from 1650. The original is located in Estonian Historical Archives (EAA.308.2.28).

Hand drawn and colored map resembles the Bayeux Tapestry from the Middle Ages. Even more interesting is its content! It appears that Noarootsi and Kassari were separate islands, and Sõrve Peninsula was almost separated from Saaremaa. We find hundreds of familiar place names. Manors, churches, glass manufactories, windmills, taverns, lighthouses, ports, sea routes and shoals illuminate the historical coasts of West-Estonia more than 300 years ago.

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West-Estonian Islands 1704

Scale 1:200000
Width 85 cm
Height 68 cm
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