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Regio is managing a road network and navigation database of the Baltic States. Data is validated for use in navigation systems and routing services. Much effort is put to keeping the database up-to-date. The main sources for updates are fieldwork and Regio street video service.

Regio provides road network dataset that includes most common data for navigation. That dataset is called Basic Navigation Dataset. It is updated monthly and is uploaded to ftp server where it is available to customers  all over the world.

Basic Navigation Dataset, however, does not include all the information on traffic rules. Therefore it is not suitable for real-time navigation. Regio Expert Navigation Dataset is a much richer dataset that contains information on lanes, feasible average driving speed, turn restrictions, time restrictions, restrictions depending on vehicle type, warning signs etc.

Basic Navigation Dataset specification.

• Coverage: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
• Projection: WGS84 (epsg:4326)
• Format: tab
• Encoding: UTF-8

Download free sample data.

In addition to the standard Basic Navigation Dataset specification it is also possible to order road network and navigation data in the specification and format most suitable to your needs. We kindly ask you to send the specification and requirements to

Basic Navigation Dataset of the Baltic States