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• Author Valdo Praust, photographer Toomas Tuul
• 184 lk
• Size 14 x 24 cm
• Only in Estonian

There are hundreds of scenic manors in Estonia. The new travel guide introduces 674 of them, which still have the main building, remarkable park or houses nearby.

The travel guide starts with a thorough overview of the history of manors in Estonia followed by an introduction of all manors in alphabetical order. It contains information about the buildings, but also about the families related to the manor. 

The travel guide has detailed maps in it, where you can find all the manors and also old parish boundaries and parish churches.

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The book has been completed in cooperation with recognized expert of manors Valdo Praust. He is the author of many books about manors and the creator of the website

Travel guides published in the same series „Eesti reisijuht“, „EV 100 – riigi teekond. Eesti iseseisvusega seotud paigad“.

ISBN: 9789949599585

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Estonian Manors. Travel Guide

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