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We proudly present to you the first national atlas of Estonia.

Published in November 2019.

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The atlas contains nearly 500 historical and contemporary maps along with fascinating explanations that help to give meaning to Estonian nature, culture and history. The maps are grouped into 36 topical chapters that describe the formation of Estonia's borders, the Estonian climate, forestry, healthcare and population, among other topics. The Estonian language, the origin of Estonians, folklore, education and religion are also examined.

The atlas opens with a map of Estonia featuring the signature of General Johan Laidoner that recalls the birth of the Republic of Estonia and that was used to show the world the location and borders of the young republic in 1920. In addition to more serious topical maps, you can also find maps about the spread of kama (mixed grains) and blood sausages in Estonia, a map of the birthplaces of the Estonian elite created in 1938 and a map with the locations of communal saunas from 1967.

The Estonian national atlas was born in cooperation with geographers from the University of Tartu and map makers from Regio. For historical maps, however, we are grateful to our predecessors from earlier centuries. Introducing exciting and diverse Estonian cartography, this work is a great guide to the wonderful world of maps.

The National Atlas of Estonia is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Estonia’s National University and of Estonian-language geography.

Compiler: Taavi Pae (University of Tartu)
Publishers: University of Tartu, Department of Geography / Map Publisher Regio
Hardcover: 424 pages
Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm
ISBN 9789949599622

The National Atlas of Estonia

80 €
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