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Version 2.11 (December 2020)

Estonian road map on MicroSD card for Garmin devices.

Data: roads, settlements, place names, addresses, buildings, land cover, points of interest. Iformation about the speed limits (except for general speed limit 50 km/h in settlements and 90 km/h outside). The information about speed limits is not complete.

Search of addresses works according to address points in all settlements of Estonia where are streets with names and buildings with numbers. Farm names can be searched under points of interest.

The Estonian road map is most suitable for GPS for cars.

NB! Many new devices (produced after 2015) don't read older memory cards (less than 4GB). Our older SD cards will not work in these newer devices. We recommend to use Regio version 2.xx maps.

When you purchase the road map from our webshop, we will deliver the MicroSD card after we receive the payment. The delivery cost is added in the shopping cart or will be notified by e-mail. 

How to activate the card on you device?
Setup>Map>Map Information make sure that the map of Estonia is marked. For faster performance we recommend to leave only one map 'checkmarked' (when you are in Estonia only the map of Estonia, but do not forget to change your settings in Map information, when you leave the country). 

For using GPS tracks in computers Garmin has a free program BaseCampTM.

Regio Estonian road map v2 on SD card

35 €
Transport lisandub ostukorvis. Hind sisaldab käibemaksu 20%.